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Home TaylorMade is resorting to free to sell a driver

The brutal winter felt by most North Americans is leading to some panic with one equipment company and retailers. It was back on November 15, 2013, when TaylorMade announced its gift of speed. The JetSpeed driver was heralded to revolutionize the category as low and forward center of gravity was expected to take off. Well, its now early April and retailers are resorting to offering a free JetSpeed fairway or rescue club for every JetSpeed driver that is purchased. Since the company announced the JetSpeed driver, it has followed up by adding a 14* model of the SLDR as well as a 430cc compact version in December. 

“Everything we thought we knew about engineering drivers has been turned on its head,” said TaylorMade Golf Chief Technical Officer and 24-year industry veteran Benoit Vincent in December. “I have never been more convinced that building a driver with low and forward CG is the future in metalwood construction.” Well, the feelings don’t seem to be shared by retailers that undoubtedly have requested TaylorMade to help give the JetSpeed some lift with consumers. Keep in mind, TaylorMade instituted a money back guarantee with its SLDR driver on March 21st.

Tiger Woods won’t be in Augusta this coming week, for the first time in 20 years. It will be strange not to see him since Woods is often the featured player, especially at The Masters where he has enjoyed a strong track record. Meanwhile, the largest metal wood’s company in terms of market share, which also affords it the means to boast the self proclaimed largest equipment company in terms of annual revenues, is resorting to yet another stimulant to capture future retail dollars. This isn’t a good sign for the industry that has been longing for winter to finally end!