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Home Powerbilt goes outside the box

Reputed pugilist, Mike Tyson is credited with saying everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face! While golf is struggling to attract a younger audience, one equipment company is taking extreme measures to draw more attention to itself with hopes it spills over to game. cubPowerBilt has signed MMA athlete Cub Swanson, to promote its brand-new Air Force One DFX driver and all of its latest golf equipment. He is considered an avid golfer who grew up mostly in the Palm Springs area. The mixed martial arts pro Swanson is part of a new marketing campaign to position PowerBilt with an edgier personality.

"We're in the process of signing other extreme sport athletes," stated Ross Kvinge, president of PowerBilt. "Cub is the first because of his passion for golf and his connection to the local community. Cub gives us the opportunity to enhance the future of golf and the idea of golfers as athletes. In signing Cub, other MMA athletes, and additional extreme sports figures, we are reaching younger demographics to entice them to consider PowerBilt for their golf equipment. We are breaking the mold of who golf companies should endorse," added Kvinge. PowerBilt will announce a power golf fitness program in 2014 that will showcase Swanson and other extreme athletes. The program will feature custom fitting instructions and extreme fitness techniques with the theme of 'get your game power-built' from the ground up with PowerBilt Golf.

PowerBilt is hoping to attract youth into golf that might otherwise not consider it by showing them how many extreme athletes play golf as well as their core sport. "We need to get them off the electronic games and out on the course," said Kvinge. "The youth are following the extreme sports athletes and we feel we can have an impact by reaching out through our athletes and introduce them to golf. PowerBilt will reach out to baseball players, MMA fighters, BMX, Motocross, surfers and snowboarders."