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Tom Watson has announced the release of over 20 new lessons for his popular and successful Lessons of a Lifetime DVD set. "I felt it was time to provide further instruction in areas not just about hitting the shots, but also about the mental approach of playing the game," explained Watson. "One of the many great things about golf is that it can never be mastered. Sure you can have a good run of play, but sooner or later the wheels will come off. I've been experiencing the game for half a century, and I promise you I'm still learning." Watson acknowledged that he learned many different ways throughout his years but more importantly, what worked for him. “I learned what worked for me. I use the KISS method, keep it simple, stupid,” he added. Watson said he learned three things from his father about the game. “He taught me the grip, that your belly button should be pointing at the hole when you finish the swing and to keep your head still.” It started with three fundamentals and the rest as they say is history. Watson today, is still happy to pay it forward.

Tom Watson Lessons of a Lifetime was released in 2010 and became one of the best-selling golf instructional video programs of all time having sold over 70,000 DVD sets in 5 languages in over 40 countries. In extensive surveys conducted with buyers, 88% said the program had improved their game and 79% rated the program as excellent.

The new lessons cover many advanced topics, including pre-shot routine, the importance of the bottom of the arc, head movement, how to benefit the most with your time on the practice tee, handling pressure, the 40 yard wedge shot, controlling trajectory on chips, chipping with a putting set up, several putting lessons and instruction for kids and seniors.

These new 2014 lessons are being sold separately and also combined with the original 2 disc Lessons of a Lifetime program. Tom Watson Lessons of a Lifetime II With New Advanced Lessons (3 discs and a 20 page booklet) will have a MSRP of $49.95. While, Tom Watson Lessons of a Lifetime II: The New Advanced Lessons (1 disc and a 4 page booklet) will have a MSRP of $24.95.

These DVD programs are available for sale at, Amazon - U.S., Canada, U.K., Japan and select golf and sporting goods retailers. Both programs are can also be purchased by telephone at 800-993-5589. “What we’re trying to do is help golfers play better. I know how it feels when you’re playing well!,” Watson added.  

A portion of the proceeds from all sales will be contributed to the Bruce Edwards Foundation for ALS Research.