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Looking for a better fit or perhaps a way to give back? You can do both through Mission belts! Traditional belts with holes are only adjustable every 1” so often times your pants are either too tight or falling off. Mission Belts are adjustable every 1/4” so you get the perfect fit every time. Finding the right size can also be difficult, which is why Mission Belts are easily customizable too. If your belt becomes too big you can easily cut it down to the right size with a pair of scissors at home. That means even when you lose or gain a few pounds Mission Belts adjust with you for the most comfortable fit. So after that big holiday meal just loosen your belt a few clicks for quick and easy comfort. The company said it has plans to venture into the PGA TOUR to find players that can help tell its story. 

A dollar from every Mission Belt sold goes to fight global hunger and poverty through micro lending, the company shares through its web site. Its part of its social responsibility, it says, and came from helping a friend that was in need a few years ago. While a lot of people want to help, few find the time to do so. However, most people wear belts and now they can get a great fit, while also helping someone in need. The company motto is: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Some people already know how to fish, they just can’t afford a net. It can start with a belt!