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So which company has the hot driver in 2015? The one that golfers are buying the most? Is it Callaway? How about TaylorMade? Good guesses, but not correct. 

PING reported its G30 driver has achieved the #1 sales position in March for units and dollars in the on-and off-course retail channels, according to Golf Datatech LLC, which tracks golf equipment sell-thru data for the United States.

In March, the G30 driver earned a 13.2% share in units (up 23% from February) and 17.46% share in dollars (up 20% from February). For the months of January through March combined, the G30 driver ranks first in units (11.38%) and dollars (15.29%). In other words, the G30 driver is consistently outselling the other guy’s.

“The success of the G30 driver continues as golfers are seeing the performance benefits of its overall design,” said John Solheim, PING Chairman & CEO. “The combination of the Turbulator Technology and T9S face are leading to faster clubhead and ball speeds for longer drives. In addition, the G30 driver also features the highest MOI of any PING driver ever designed to ensure golfers the accuracy and consistency to hit more fairways.

“It’s especially rewarding to see the G30 driver gaining even more momentum as we enter the peak season for golf equipment sales. As golfers get out on the course and have the chance to attend fitting and demo days, we’re confident players of all skill levels will experience the benefits of the G30 driver.” 

Since it arrived in golf shops in late July, the PING G30 has been the top-selling driver model combined for the months of August through March, first earning #1-selling status last September. In eight months on the market, the G30 driver holds a 13.9% dollar share and 9.63% unit share – both #1 in that timeframe.