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Golf has been described as a good walk spoiled. However, it provides opportunities for individuals to meet people they otherwise wouldn’t. It rarely gets any attention, yet it can be a pathway to life long friendships. The common bond of golf and specifically a round shared with someone new can easily open up a new world for anyone, regardless of their skills.

Such is the case for Scott Dow, who found Ian Jennings through happenstance. Golf was their common bond, which led to some remarkable adventures centered around the game. One American, the other English came from different backgrounds that had golf in common with each other. They created the Flem Cup, an intensely competitive trans-Atlantic golf match spanning five years between amateur teams from the US and England. The remarkable true story, however, that grew out of a great friendship and love of golf would take some twists and turns neither would ever see coming. 

The inaugural match in November of 2001 proved to be everything anyone could hope for, if not more as the intensely competitive golf matches collided head-on with hilarious off-course antics, resulting in a week to remember. Many can identify with a random meeting over golf that leads to further excursions along with playful hi jinx along the way. While this true story results in several years of good natured back and forth, unfortunately this story takes sharp left turn.

As Fathers Day quickly approaches, many dads would appreciate the opportunity of a good read and perhaps one they can identify with. The Flem Cup, by Scott Dow offers a different perspective on what golf provides to the masses that are hopelessly addicted to it. However, this is more than simply just a story with an inexplicable tragedy. Where the story would ultimately end is in the unlikeliest of places – the place where the priceless gift of hope can be found. If you’re looking for ideas for Dad this year, the Flem Cup a worth a try. It is available through Amazon in Kindle form or paperback ($15.99).