Back in early January, Callaway Golf introduced its XR16 drivers. There was also an XR Pro model that came along at the xr16subzerosame time. The XR16 arrived at retail on January 29th at an MSRP of $349.99. Fast forward a couple of months to today and Callaway has announced the XR 16 Sub Zero driver. According to the company, it represents the lowest Center of Gravity it’s ever engineered in a driver. This means players with high swing speeds that generate a lot of spin can use the Sub Zero to drive the ball even farther, according to the company. Callaway said it has used a new proprietary Carbon Triax Crown, its lowest carbon crown ever to redistribute weight below the neutral axis, which in turn explains the name of the product.

Two interchangeable weights were added in the head (10g and 2g) to fine tune the launch and spin characteristics a player desires for greater distance. With the heavy weight moved forward, it generates the lowest spinning, flattest trajectory, Callaway said. Or move the heavy weight back to promote a slightly higher trajectory and more forgiveness. Callaway is also offering 20 premium shafts to choose from without any additional charges. Therefore anyone considering this product would be well advised to take the time to be custom fitted in order to get the most of it, especially in conjunction with the shaft options available.

“The XR 16 Sub Zero was designed to be an excellent complement to our existing XR 16 models,” said Callaway Golf’s Senior R&D Manager for Woods, Evan Gibbs. “It’s really meant for players looking for maximum reduction in spin. This is typically for better players, with higher head speeds who tend to deliver the club a little more consistently at impact. The name Sub Zero comes from the fact the center of gravity is actually below the neutral axis. This is something Callaway has never done before. The key technology that enabled us to do this is a brand new composite material we are using on the crown of this driver. We’ve used carbon fiber crowns for many, many years but this particular construction is very unique. It used a fabric of laminate instead of chopped fibers like we’ve used in the past but combines it with current molding techniques. It gives us superior material properties and allows to design a thinner and much lighter crown.”

Most notably Phil Mickelson has used the XR 16 Sub Zero on Tour this year. However, it will only be available at retail for right-handed players with 9.5* of loft. The expected  retail price is $449.99.