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GolfTEC reported the company taught the six millionth lesson in its 21-year history this past Thursday, March 10th, with long-time client David Theil as the recipient of the record-setting milestone. An anesthesiologist in the Denver area, Theil first started working with GolfTEC in 2003 when he became intrigued by the company’s technology and fact-based approach to instruction. According to the company, he has lowered his handicap down from a 16 to the single digits. GolfTEC boasts a 96 percent success rate among students and on average, GolfTEC customers drop seven strokes.

“By coming to GolfTEC, I’ve fulfilled my commitment to pursue a better swing and all-around game. I first tried it because I loved the technology and ease of scheduling lessons, but I’m still here because of the talent, passion and true friendship of my Coach,” said Theil. “I continue to make breakthroughs and improve every season. Considering what they've done for me, the best tip I could ever give is to see what GolfTEC can do for you.”

“From our first lesson in 1995 to the incredible milestone of six million, GolfTEC’s core mission of helping people play better golf has never changed,” stated Joe Assell, Co-Founder and CEO at GolfTEC. “Because of passionate students like David Theil and talented coaches like Brian Byrd, we’re able to carry this out and significantly contribute to growing the game. Our unwavering commitment to helping students enjoy golf through quality, technology-driven instruction remains the driving factors guiding every lesson we provide.” The company estimates that they will give nearly 1 million lessons in 2016. The largest driver for these new customers is referrals from current students.

Since 2010, GolfTEC said it has experienced a 73 percent increase in revenue. In 2015, they set records for total number of lessons given, number of employees, numbers of students and number of facilities worldwide (nearly 200). Throughout March, GolfTEC is offering up to 20 percent off game plans and lessons packs. To learn more visit or call 877-446-5383.