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What is normal? In today’s world almost anything goes. What might have been questioned before is now virtually open game. It’s in all walks of life. Today’s society seems to embrace change as well as alternative sources and methods towards finding solutions. Few areas seem to escape an examination. One that might have been overlooked are shoe laces. Not exactly where you thought I was going with this. Forget about Brexit, Dallas Police department, Baton Rouge, Black Lives Matter, Nice, the coup in Turkey. No think shoe laces!

In the past, consumers have essentially been force-fed thin or rounded laces by manufacturers. Take it or leave it. The only time someone would replace the laces that came with their shoes would be if one happen to break. However, there are alternatives that make sense, are practical and can be tailored to anyone’s preference. Want to wear your shoes tight when you run? Or maybe you want them to be relaxed when sitting on an airplane. Maybe you would rather not deal with the hassle of untying and retying your shoes every time you go to the airport for a trip.

Snap Laces offer an easy to use system that can make you question why you ever bothered with laces in the first place. Performance and comfort in one stop shopping. It also applies to all ages. Learning to tie laces, as children can be difficult, especially for those that suffer from any type of motor skills or autism. Elderly also often has challenges with mobility. Bending over to tie a shoe can be a challenge. For many the answer is Velcro. However, it no longer needs to be the case.

Snap Laces allows individuals to customize the color they want as well as the fit they prefer, even when they play golf. For those that enjoy the road less travelled or simple wish not to conform to the establishment’s status quo, give Snap Laces a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what it provides, especially the next time you have to slip your shoes on in a hurray.