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The European media met with George O'Grady, European Tour chief executive last week and received a progress report on drug testing for their Tour. “We're almost certain starting the week of the European Open or maybe it will be the Scottish,” O’Grady said as to when it would be implemented. “Those are the two weeks. We'll be assisted at the same time with the PGA Tour.”
O’Grady said the US PGA Tour, PGA of America, R&A, US LPGA and Ladies European Tour are all on the same page as far as the rules and regulations for the program. “We all have effectively the same policy,” said O’Grady. “We are charged with pulling the rest of the world into shape. The PGA of America have announced and I see that they are going to do it at the PGA Championship; first major to do testing using the PGA Tour's policy. And they also will have the anti-doping unit, it will be on site for The Ryder Cup; whether we use it or not will depend on things on the week, but it will be there, so if someone chose to, it could happen.”
The R&A has deferred until next year implementing the testing. The man in charge of the European Tour offered his opinion on why it won’t be in effect for the Open Championship in July. “I think the R&A have a different reason, because they start the qualifying much earlier in January, the international qualifying. So they feel the same conditions should apply on the first qualifying shot of a tournament to the end.”