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The golf world just hasn’t felt the same since Tiger Woods went on the shelf. With no disrespect intended to his peers, Woods is clearly the main attraction when it comes to the PGA Tour. His presence becomes the focus of the media as well as fans and deservedly so since his performance speaks for itself. While many had hoped for the world’s #1 to be in this week’s field at the Memorial, it wasn’t meant to be. However, Woods did make an appearance with the media and offered some clues as to what he has been up to since he was last seen. “I started my practice basically just recently,” Woods explained. “So going to Memorial, it wouldn't have made any sense. I”m not sharp enough. I didn't hit all my shots I needed to, at home and make sure everything is organized. I wasn't quite ready. So no sense in going there (if I’m) not ready. The whole idea is to be ready for the U.S. Open.” The best player on the planet said his rehabilitation is boring but on schedule. “Knee is doing better, everything is on schedule. It gets really old riding that bike, man,” he said. But Woods has progressed to the point where he preparing to let his clubs do the talking for him. “I'm hitting the driver and I'm playing. If it is a feel thing, I shut it down when I feel it is time to shut it down. It's on a day-to-day deal. Some days it is not very long. Some days it is all day,” he shared. Despite all that he has accomplished in his time on the PGA Tour, speculation has followed him anytime he has had an extended break from competitive play. A year ago, it centered on the birth of his first child and whether it would effect his play inside the ropes, as comical as that might sound today. But Woods has demonstrated time and time again that when he returns his game hasn’t suffered. “ I know what it takes to win a tournament coming back off after having a procedure done, and it is just a matter of being prepared, getting all my practice time in, making sure my shots are how I want them, trying to understand what my misses might be,” he said. “ But it's not like I haven't been down this road before. I had a procedure done and came back at Torrey Pines. It would be nice having a feel going into any tournament really. Kind of an understanding what the misses might be, what they have been. Get some sort of idea about playing a number of events. I don't have that opportunity. But you don't really know until you get under tournament heat what your misses are going to be. Hopefully I can rectify them if that happens.” Woods return to the Tour will be a welcome sight not only for the media and fans but if history is an indicator to his future performance, his bank account too...