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Barney Adams has a book out chronicling his love affair with the golf business. Adams provides a first hand account of his failures, which lead him to his ultimate success in a style that mirrors his personality. Adams is a throw back, a compliment I’m sure he would agree, in more ways than one. The golf industry has known many personalities through its history who have attempted to duplicate success from other industries inside the golf equipment world. Adams, however, is one of the few who is willing to provide a balanced account of the good, the bad and well, the ugly too. For those who may be concerned the book is a platform for “Barnyard” to extol the success of his company, Adams Golf, it’s actually an area he downplays somewhat when contrasted to the many challenges he encountered. Adams’ book, “The Wow Factor,” offers a candid and somewhat sobering story line of his experiences long before the world knew of him due to his Tight Lies clubs, infomercials or his company’s public offering. The book should be a must read for those who ever contemplate entering into the golf equipment arena if they believe that they have the latest and greatest new invention. But it certainly is a prerequisite to anyone who wants to know what it takes to make it in business or in life.