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It’s the only thing that connects players to their clubs. Feel can often be an overused expression in golf. It is largely a subjective interpretation since everyone is different. But the feeling people experience is often the tipping point in making the connection between a must have product and one that doesn’t make the cut. And golf is largely on a recreational level, a game made up of experiences. Lending a helping hand (pun intended) is a piece of equipment that most players rarely if ever allow to vacate their body during an entire round.
FootJoy has unveiled its 2008-09 golf glove line that features new designs and re-engineered constructions. “At FootJoy, we are dedicated to manufacturing the very best golf gloves in the world. We take special care in the design, development and manufacture of every golf glove to ensure this essential piece of equipment performs at the highest level of every golfer’s game,” said Maria Bonzagni, FootJoy’s Senior Director of Marketing Gloves and Accessories. “FootJoy gloves have become such an integral part of golf that in 2008, we celebrate 25 years as the #1 glove in golf. Throughout this period, we have satisfied well over 100 million golfers worldwide and become the choice by many of the best players in the world.”
FootJoy’s StaSof glove features a new tour styling that promises the ultimate performance you can feel, according to the company. Worn by the best players in the world, FootJoy said it is built from the finest hand crafted leathers and engineered to stay softer longer. It incorporates a Powerful Grip Performance, exclusively tanned Taction Advanced Performance Leather. The #1 Cabretta Leather Glove in Golf, according to the company, is available at retail with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $23.
The SciFlex glove features a new tour styling with its constant emphasis on comfort. Angled ComforTab closure and PowerNet mesh along the back panel and across the knuckles provide for a consistent precision fit. Proprietary MicroVent Moisture Control Leather, FootJoy said promotes a cooler, drier more comfortable glove. The new SciFlex is available at golf retail locations with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $18.
FootJoy’s SofJoy glove has a new contoured fit, feel and flex. Built using high performance FiberSof microfiber and angled tab closure provides a comfortable, consistent fit. A Cabretta leather palm incorporates a soft feel, plus perspiration resistance for a durable, comfortable grip. The SofJoy maintains its exclusive Q-Mark Ballmarker feature for quick, easy access to mark your ball. Availability is immediate with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $16.
For those hearty souls who won’t let Mother Nature interfere with a perfectly good round, FootJoy’s latest WeatherSof promises a new and better fit. Constructed using premium Cabretta leather, located along the thumb and extended palm patch, it extends the durability and grip performance in the WeatherSof. FiberSof microfiber provides a softer feel and more consistent fit, FootJoy said, thus offering a comfortable, consistent fit. The combination of the FiberSof with premium Cabretta leather offers an excellent grip under adverse conditions. Availability is immediate with a suggested retail price of $12, but fingers crossed the weatherman isn’t in a rush to rain down on inventory levels.
FootJoy has also upgraded its WinterSof gloves with a new and improved flex and feel. Lightweight insulating fleece now protects player’s hands in cool, windy conditions. Extended fleece with lightweight double-knit cuff keeps warmth in and moisture out, while soft, thin sueded leather palms offer superb feel with a solid grip. The WinterSof gloves will be available starting on August 15 with a suggested retail price of $22.
Last but not least, are junior gloves that have a stretch and flex to accommodate growing hands. Microfiber material along the back offers a consistent, comfortable fit. A soft, leather palm provides a comfortable feel and solid grip for the next generation of players. The new Junior gloves will be available on September 15th with a suggested retail price of $10.