The golf ball business is going to get a little more interesting in another month. Bridgestone, which has shown a propensity to mix things up with some of the big boys on the block via its ball fitting challenge, believes it has something no other company can lay a claim to, at least not yet! While conducting over 10,000 fitting sessions, according to the company, since it began its quest to help recreational players improve, Bridgestone found some interesting and perhaps alarming trends. By taking a rubber meets the road approach of interacting with the average player, Bridgestone said that 73% of the people it worked with for its golf ball fittings (10,000+) possess a swing speed of less than 105 mph. Over half of that segment, 51% according to Bridgestone were using a Tour level ball when they played. While on a journey to educate and inform the masses about its products, Bridgestone Golf found it too had something to learn from the exercise.
“Ball-fitting has proven to be a valuable diagnostic tool - helping thousands of golfers become better informed about how to choose the right golf ball for their game - and now it has become a catalyst for our research and new product development, providing valuable insight into what golfers need most,” said Dan Murphy, Senior Director of Marketing – Bridgestone Golf, Inc.
Among its many test findings, it found that no ball on the market could deliver Tour-level spin through a softer softer compression at moderate swing speeds. What that means, Bridgestone said, is moderate swing speed players, which the company defines as 105 mph or lower, don’t have the ability to compress in the same manner as a high swing speed player does with other Tour-level balls.
As a direct result of data garnered through its ball-fitting sessions, Bridgestone has created the B330-RX. To find out more, read the August 11th issue!