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If anyone out there has witnessed the exploits of a long driver contest, its pretty safe to say these guys and gals are freaks. That term is intended to be applied in the most endearing way since they are capable of producing strength and power the rest of us can only marvel at. In keeping with the ways of the new world, the Long Drivers of America (LDA) announced it will initiate steroid/drug testing at its LDA-sanctioned power golf events beginning with the 2008 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship in Mesquite, Nevada on October 20-25.
Long drive competitors who have qualified for the RE/MAX world finals will be subject to on-site testing for possible use of over 40 steroids and masking agents, plus amphetamines and meth-amphetamines.
“It is imperative that LDA creates a level playing field for its competitors and eliminates artificially-derived advantages, if any, that exist within our sport,” said Art Sellinger, LDA’s owner and chief executive officer.
“Maintaining the integrity of our sport is vital,” he added. “Unfortunately, because of a few cheaters in other professional sports, all athletes in all sports are under a cloud of suspicion. Long Drivers of America seeks to protect its professionals and take a strong position against performance-enhancing drugs.”
To ensure the integrity of its long drive competition, Long Drivers of America (LDA) bans the use of performance-enhancing stimulants such as anabolic steroids effective immediately. Contestants in LDA-sanctioned events are subject to random tests for performance-enhancing stimulants. A complete list of substances LDA deems illegal for use by long drive competitors appears at
Failure or refusal to submit to tests for performance-enhancing drugs will result in immediate disqualification from the competition. Failure to pass LDA’s test will result in: disqualification from the competition; forfeiture of any prize money earned; a one-year suspension from LDA-sanctioned events. “We’re hopeful that the upshot of LDA’s drug testing will be to redirect the public’s focus to the reality that elite long drivers are remarkable athletes with amazing talent,” Sellinger concluded.