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Product cycles for golf clubs are accelerating. What once was good enough for two or more years no longer seems to be the case anymore. The game appears to have shifted to a strategy of what’s new. Take for instance the lineage of TaylorMade’s Burner driver.
First introduced all the way back in 1983, the first Burner driver has spawned future iterations as the Burner Plus followed three years later in 1986. Then came the Burner Bubble nine years after that in 1995. It wasn’t until 2007, that TaylorMade introduced another new Burner driver and it was quickly followed in 2008 by the Tour Burner. TaylorMade Golf is doubling up this year as it has announced the next generation in the long line of Burner drivers, with the advent of the Burner and Burner TP.
The newest Burner driver version combines the SuperFast technology of last year’s Burner model with the Dual Crown technology of the Tour Burner, it said. The result, according to TaylorMade is a driver weighing less than 300 grams that promotes faster swing speeds.
"This club is an easy-to-swing distance machine, and is a slam-dunk to appeal to every player who's ever swung hard at a golf ball," said Harry Arnett, TaylorMade senior director, metalwood category, "or every player who's ever wanted to."
The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $400, and it becomes available at retail starting on October 1, 2008.
Next up is the Burner TP (Tour Preferred) which TaylorMade said was developed for tour professionals and “better” players. It features a slightly open clubface and players have a choice of a 55- or 65-gram graphite shaft in X, S and R flexes. The price tag is 25% higher than its sibling as TaylorMade is suggesting retailers charge $500 for it. Meanwhile the Burner new product cycle lives on into next year as the TP model won’t be available at retail outlets until March 30, 2009.