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No one knows for sure whether a new product will be a success or a disappointment until it faces it’s ultimate test. Whether its a new song by a recording artist with a long list of top 10 hits or an unknown, unproven commodity there is no way of knowing what John Q. Public will think in advance. The ultimate test and decision rests with consumer’s wallets and how they vote with their after tax dollars. Consider it the 21st Century version of the Roman’s thumbs up or down verdict.
Early returns can offer a glimpse and set the tone into what may become a trend. For this reason the folks at Bridgestone Golf are encouraged by what they’ve witnessed in a brief time. The company provided a sneak preview of its B330-RX balls this week, to the competitors at the 25th PGA Tour Superstore World Am in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Consumers had the opportunity to purchase the balls in advance of its official on-sale date.
According to Bridgestone, PGA Tour Superstore received a record number of inquiries about the product so it decided to make available a limited quantity (168 dozen golf balls) for purchase to the participants of the event on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at the 19th Hole venue.
With an estimated 4,000 golfers from around
the world in attendance, Bridgestone reported
the allotted 100-dozen were sold out in just
under 41 minutes on Tuesday evening. The
company shipped an additional supply of the
balls for Wednesday evening, and had similar
results, selling out the remaining available stock
in less than an hour.
“Our customer service department’s phones haven’t stopped ringing since we announced the B330-RX so we knew people were chomping at the bit to try this ball, but to sell 100 dozen in as short of an amount of time as we did is the most amazing thing I’ve seen in all my years in the industry. We could have sold more if we had the supply,” said Dan Murphy, Senior Director of Marketing for Bridgestone Golf, Inc. “After Tuesday and Wednesday at the World Am we need to reevaluate our sales forecast for the fourth quarter. I’m glad that our message of finding the right ball based upon performance, not popularity, is resonating so well with golfers.”
Murphy told Web Street that several retail accounts have indicated their initial allotments for the B330 RX are already pre-sold and have called requesting additional product. “Its a bit of a perfect storm scenario,” Murphy said, “retail has been looking for something to generate interest and this ball appears to be doing that. With the way the economy has been, the driver market has been off this year, a $40/dozen golf ball could be the bright spot in an otherwise dark room. The level of enthusiasm is wide spread towards the B330 RX as we have experienced wide interest for it across the country. For the moment we are having fun and our meetings internally have been focused more on how to get more product availability. Based on what I witnessed in Myrtle Beach its a rapid sell through.”
A video is on YouTube with the reactions of those who were the first to play it. To view click below to watch it.