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The PGA Tour has become a cat walk for players to strut their stuff. The saying goes the clothes make the man or something to that effect. But there isn’t any other place on this earth, other than on the PGA Tour, where white belts are the common denominator in fashion. Once upon a time, a long time I might add, argyle and plaid was the bold fashion statement golf contributed to society. Those days are long gone and I think many would agree by saying good riddance to bad rubbish.
Perhaps in part due to the advent of casual Fridays amongst corporate America, but golf clothing has become more acceptable in mainstream America and in an odd way a fashion statement too. One company that isn’t afraid to push the proverbial envelop is J.Lindeberg.
Founded back in 1996 by creative director Johan Lindeberg, the Sweden-based company (with approximately $55 million in global sales) has made its mark in golf. Now it wants to reach a larger audience. The company announced that it has formed a joint venture with People's Liberation under the brand names People's Liberation and William Rast to operate the J. Lindeberg brand in the United States.
J. Lindeberg USA, LLC, has been set up to market and sell the existing men's “high-end” fashion and golf apparel brand in the United States. Under terms of the agreement, the joint venture business will acquire certain assets from J. Lindeberg USA, including its accounts receivable, the New York retail store, inventory and human capital, among other assets. People's Liberation will manage the joint venture business and provide working capital. J. Lindeberg USA and People's Liberation will each own 50% of the joint venture.
"J.Lindeberg was always built with the US market in mind. I am really confident that this Joint Venture will enable us to to capitalize of the brand awareness and position that we have built the last 12 years as well as create stronger synergies between the group of brands that are now managed under People's Liberation," said Johan Lindeberg.
"We are excited about adding J. Lindeberg USA to our growing portfolio of brands," stated Colin Dyne, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of People's Liberation. "This joint venture provides us with an opportunity to build and expand a complementary U.S. business around a super-premium European brand. It also gives us a valuable retail foothold in New York City."