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One prominent PGA Tour member thinks the USGA decision to modify its position on grooves is irrelevant. The #2 player in the world shared some of his feelings on the topic prior to teeing it up as the defending champion of the Deutsche Bank Championship. “The grooves don't have any effect; there's so much grass between the grooves and the ball, that's the last thing that the ball is touching,” Phil Mickelson said. “I don't think that's as big a factor. In fact, we would have to alter the course setup for it to really be a positive. The groove change can really be a plus if we start having rough like we have this week, where it's a very short rough, where you get flier lies and it's difficult to control and the greens are hard and fast because then it makes hitting the fairway even more critical because the ball will race by the hole,” he continued.
“But you have to have one with the other. If you have rough that is so brutal, it doesn't matter what the club face has on it, what kind of grooves or anything. It will make no difference. You have to have the shorter rough for the grooves to be a factor.”