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The FedEX Cup remains a work in progress. Its only two years old, but there are plenty of opinions regarding the point system already. One person with a vested interest, didn’t pull any punches on the topic. Padraig Harrington has enjoyed an incredible year winning two majors. However, the Irishman hasn’t made a cut heading into St. Louis and the BMW Championship. His opinion, however, might surprise you given his recent form.
“I think I'm in a lucky position that I still have a chance at qualifying (for the Tour Championship and final leg of the playoffs). I've missed two cuts, I certainly should be out,” he began. “ I actually think I'd be more inclined if you miss the cut, go home, you're out. This is the playoffs. It's four tournaments. It should be judged on the merits of those four tournaments with a little bit of bias to the start of the year.”
Going forward, the fourth ranked player in the world offered some thoughts on how it could be improved. “If I was going to change it, obviously I wouldn't give so much to making the cut. I'd give more points to guys doing well, Top Tenning and getting in contention, and I'd give less points to guys making the cut. You always want to reward the guys who are putting themselves out there, not the guys who are scraping by in points systems, so I would change that,” Harrington said.
“And I would probably make this week more volatile than the first two weeks. You know, because everybody here gets points, this is only half as volatile as the first two weeks. The last guy -- you know, say last week, if I made the cut, I might have moved up. Say a guy in 46th who made the cut last week might have moved up into the Top 30, whereas this week I'm in 46. To move up into the Top 30 I'll probably need to finish well into the Top 10. It's a lot tougher to move in week three, which probably if it was my system I would make it, as I said, probably even more volatile as it gets further down. And even again in the TOUR Championship make it even more exciting that guys can move around more,” he continued.
“If I was putting it on a scale, I might rank weeks one and two the same, maybe week three double it and week four, double it again in terms of how people can move, and then give less for guys at the end and more for guys winning and finishing up there.”