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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ANY IDEA WHO SAID THIS? “I consider the European Tour as my home - I think you play against the best players in the world. You have all of the great players here.”

ON THIS DAY: In 2003, the Presidents Cup in South America ends in a historic tie after darkness ended the playoff between Tiger Woods and Ernie Els. Captains Nicklaus and Player determined the match should end in a draw.

LIMITED IN NAME ONLY: Talk about catching lightening in a bottle! In only its second event the Limited Edition Cobra ZL Driver helped to captured the UBS Hong Kong Open with a 22-under-par total score of 258 for Ian Poulter. The 11th ranked player in the world posted a second round score of 60, which included 10 birdies and tied the European Tour’s 18-hole scoring record in Hong Kong. Poulter has won multiple times since putting the Cobra ZL driver in his bag. “My Cobra driver and irons have really helped me boost my game this year,” said Poulter. “I am especially impressed with the ZL Driver, this is my third win using it and the first using the all-white version. I like the visual of it, it's really very cool. It's unique and different than any driver I've seen -- plus its performance is great, too. Just like the ZL Driver that I've used all year.” In total, 500 Limited Edition Cobra ZL drivers (300 in the U.S.) will be available at retail on December 15th.

SOMETHING OLD AND SOMETHING NEW: Ian Poulter (ProV1x) and Steven Bowditch (the new Pro V1x prototype) both added to the win totals last week for Titleist but in slightly different ways. Poulter’s victory came in Hong Kong, while Bowditch returned to his native Australia to capture the Cellarbrations NSW PGA Championship. Both played the ProV1x golf ball, but are different versions.

According to Titleist, 89 players at the UBS Hong Kong Open used its ball, more than four times the nearest competitor with 20. In Australia, 115 of the 142 players (81%) went with the #1 ball in golf. Titleist didn’t provide in any break down of how many new ProV1 or ProV1x prototype balls that were put into play through the worldwide events. Bowditch is the second player, joining Padraig Harrington, to win across the worldwide professional tours with the new Pro V1x prototype golf ball. Details are expected to be released in late January on the difference between the versions.

SHOP TIL YOU DROP? The 2010 Black Friday climate in the U.S. isn’t the greatest. A year ago during this time the economy grew at 5.6%, while today’s projections are at less than half the rate of last year. This, combined with a massive unemployment rate at 9.6%, foreclosure problems, a lack of credit, and an overall unease about the economic conditions have brought a lot of concern and frugality into the US household. US household average savings is now 7%, the highest in a very long time. These factors do not set up the greatest Black Friday for retailers.

Spending is anticipated to decrease (again) from $343.31 to $330 on average as people continue to cut back. The Amount of Black Friday shoppers will grow from 195 million last year to 200 million this year. More people will be looking to save on Christmas gifts during this tough time. With a greater amount of shoppers the total amount of Black Friday spending will increase, yet only very slightly, from $41.2 billion to $42 billion, according to

LET YOUR FINGERS DO THE WALKING: According to's eHoliday Survey, nearly nine in ten (88.2%) retailers will have a special promotion for Cyber Monday, up from just 72.2% in 2007. Retailers' Cyber Monday plans are said to be more robust this year with nearly half of the companies offering specific deals (49.0%, up from 42.9% last year) and many planning one-day sales (41.2% vs. 32.9% last year) and free shipping on all purchases (21.6% vs. 15.7% last year). In addition, the majority of retailers (62.7%) will send promotions and deals to shoppers through a special Cyber Monday email. READ MORE>>>

I WILL GLADLY PAY YOU TUESDAY FOR HAMBURGER TODAY: Ireland’s banks are looking for a helping hand and it might not be too long before Irish golf courses follow suit. Carr Golf Services recently hosted ‘Road to Recovery — Golf Business Conference’ in Dublin and presented it’s findings of the first detailed research report into the golf industry in the Emerald Isle. The findings revealed a significant level of debt amongst clubs, a lack of strategic planning and an average of only 1% of revenue allocated towards marketing, while it was warned that over-capacity could cause the constriction of the industry and the closure of as many as 50 clubs and courses across Ireland.

“Probably over the next few years you’re going to need some closures,” stated Carr Golf Services CEO Marty Carr. “I think it is (inevitable). We asked the courses, and we’re not totally convinced this is correct but we asked the total number of rounds and in terms of utilization being at 100%, it would be 23 million rounds. At the moment we’re in the region of 14 million played this year. If there were in the region of 50 courses closing over the next three to five years, that would be 12% of the supply taken out and if that was the case, then utilization would go up by about 7% which would take you up to about 65%. But that could be going off what I think is a lot of the clubs estimating rounds because members’ rounds aren’t recorded.” READ MORE>>>


COME BACK AND ALL IS FORGIVEN? "We will quickly forget this time if he comes back," she said. "But the more time we see him downtrodden on the course, losing, the more trouble it is." Corporations and consumers alike want to be associated with winners. It's why athletes make such attractive marketing partners.

But Woods has something equally powerful working in his favor right now, Ries said. "We love stories of redemption. We want that happy ending," she said. "That's what Tiger has going for him, because we are rooting for him now." READ MORE>>>

THE SHOW MUST GO ON: Despite the withdrawal of '3' as title sponsors of the Irish Open, Failte Ireland has confirmed that the event will appear on the 2011 European Tour schedule. READ MORE>>>

WORKING WITHIN THE RULES: The rewards for being the world No1 go far beyond money and fame, it seems, after Lee Westwood revealed that the PGA Tour has changed its rules to allow him to play an extra event in the United States next year. READ MORE>>>

WELCOME ABOARD: Reigning British Open champion Louis Oosthuizen and his South African countryman, Charl Schwartzel, have joined the PGA TOUR for the 2011 season. Oosthuizen earned a five-year PGA TOUR exemption when he won the British Open. Schwartzel earned enough money as a non-member in 2010 to finish among the top 125 on the money list so he was eligible to join, as well. READ MORE>>>

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ANSWER: Martin Kaymer, reigning PGA Champ expressing his reasons for remaining a member of the European Tour.