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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In observance of the American Thanksgiving holiday, the Daily Pulse will not be published on Thursday (Nov 25) or Friday (Nov 26). A happy and safe Thanksgiving to all Americans. Thank you to the many international readers for your patience during our absence. The Daily Pulse will be back on Monday November 29, 2010.

ANY IDEA WHO SAID THIS? “It is clearly just another image-rehab attempt by Woods and his sycophants to try to win back corporate money and fans—the fans being important because their support leads to corporate money.”

ON THIS DAY: In 1991, Tom Purtzer and Lanny Wadkins teamed to win the Shark Shoot-Out.

WHAT’S NEXT? While some people in the golf industry believe that growth for the game will be delivered through international channels, specifically Asia and South America, there are some foreign destinations that don’t seem to be support that theory entirely. Europe’s golf market has experienced a significant growth in both demand and supply since the 1980s. The number of golfers has more than tripled in the last 25 years, and golf course supply has doubled in the same period.

Meanwhile, demand and supply within Europe is concentrated in a relatively small number of countries. In fact, 92% of all golfers are located in only 10 countries, with the majority residing in the UK & Ireland. Similarly, the 10 countries with the largest golf course supply provide 90% of all golf courses in Europe. Only a few countries can be considered mature in terms of both demand and supply, reflective to their population size, according to research delivered by KPMG.

While the sex appeal of far away places suggests some nations may one day fall in love with the game, the research report implies that golf is fragmented in its adoption rate from one geography to another. In other words, golf hasn’t gained anywhere the same level of traction with consumers in France, Spain, Denmark or Norway as it has in England, Scotland or Ireland. An effective argument could be made that there is greater opportunities in locations that are already somewhat developed (be it in a small way) as there are with converting casual players into being avid ones. According to KPMG’s research, during 2000 to 2010, England and Wales have experienced a decrease in the number of golfers (-63,800 and -14,500, respectively). However, in absolute terms, the leading countries in golf participation growth were Germany (+254,000 = 74% growth), the Netherlands (+204,000 = 146% growth) and Spain (+187,000= 124% growth). The Czech Republic, despite having the most developed golf market in Eastern Europe, has experienced an impressive growth rate in percentage terms of 650% in the last 10 years, which was also significant in absolute terms, as almost 40,000 new golfers have been registered in the country.

Golf is struggling to find ways to grow itself. To those who play the game, regardless of geographies, it isn’t important as empty tee times can mean they are available for less money. However, as an industry or a company that relies on selling equipment, collecting green fees or selling private memberships it is an alarming trend that must be addressed. More people playing the game isn’t a bad thing and for those who are obsessed with it, its difficult to understand why they wouldn’t be open to the introducing golf to others who haven’t tried it or have taken a sabbatical from it. There are consequences on many levels if this topic isn’t addressed at some point in the future. For more on the European landscape for golf, participation rates by country of the estimated 4.4 million golfers along with a breakdown of male, female and junior golfers throughout continental Europe and the UK click here.

LOCATION, LOCATION. LOCATION: Callaway Golf is planning to open exclusive stories in Chandigarh and Delhi, India by March and eight more stores across the country in next three years. The Indian arm of the US golf equipment company entered a three-year agreement with Chandigarh Golf Association to grow the game. READ MORE>>>

BEST OF THE BEST: The Celtic Manor Resort -- host of golf's 2010 Ryder Cup was voted Europe's "Golf Resort of the Year" by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO). The award was voted on by IAGTO's 345 members -- golf tour operators from no fewer than 51 different countries. "This is a great honor for The Celtic Manor Resort and it is wonderful to be recognized in this way by the world's golf travel specialists," said Dylan Matthews, Chief Executive of Celtic Manor. "It is very pleasing that in a year when we hosted one of the world's biggest golf tournaments, we also more than matched the expectations of the tour operators who bring so many golfers to our resort and its three championship golf courses."

DOWN UNDER, NO WONDER: Australia has been named as 2011 Golf Destination of the Year ahead of 12 other destinations in the Asia and Australasia category. "This is the first time Australia has won an IAGTO award which shows how much the awareness of destination is increasing amongst tour operators,” said Peter Walton, Chief Executive of IAGTO (International Association of Golf Tour Operators) is the global trade organization for the golf tourism industry. READ MORE>>>

NO ONE IS IMMUNE: Irish stakeholders in golf recently met to discuss the challenges facing it during the unsettling times being experienced. Three central themes came out of the conference: (1) The industry is fragmented and needs an 'Ireland Inc' central golf body to lobby for the golf product; (2) domestic growth won't be a savior in the foreseeable future, so tourism becomes more important than ever, and (3) the airlines need to be encouraged or paid to up their game and bring in more golfers from overseas. READ MORE>>>

MULTI-TASKING: aboutGolf announced today the official release of aG Control, its multiple simulator management tool, designed to help indoor golf center and other business owners more effectively leverage their aboutGolf Simulators.

aG Control allows business owners to remotely manage users and rounds on their simulators, as well as monitor rounds in progress, view active simulator screens, send messages to the simulators, retrieve simulator information, analyze usage, remotely access the simulators and view and print scorecards. READ MORE>>>


BACK TO BUSINESS: “We do have a great future ahead. Soon he'll have a bag deal with a new partner and within time I am confident there will be a global brand that will be using his name and likeness,” Mark Steinberg told CNBC’s Darren Rovell. “We're close to a deal coming out of Asia and we're in discussions with a number of companies interested in being on his golf bag.” READ MORE>>>

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS: "It doesn't matter, these guys are just focused on playing the biggest events around the world. I don't think it matters any more where your home tour is," Paul Casey said, offering a hybrid view on the topic. READ MORE>>>

WHO KNEW? Thirty-nine different players won on the PGA Tour this year. Twenty-five won on the European Tour. Twenty-five won on the Nationwide Tour. That’s 89 different players in 2010 winning at the highest levels of the professional golf world. None of them was named Tiger Woods. Raise your hand if you saw that one coming. READ MORE>>>

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ANSWER: John Feinstein on Tiger Woods’ make over