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Friday, December 10, 2010

ANY IDEA WHO SAID THIS? “Tiger did it to other people for a long period of time, and now somebody's doing it to him. What goes around comes around.”

ON THIS DAY: In 2000, the U.S. team of David Duval and Tiger Woods won the World Golf Championships-World Cup title in Argentina.

NO WORRIES: Its been said many times that competition brings out the best in people. The same is true in business as it forces products to become better as well as companies to operate more efficiently, for example. 2010 will be remembered for several things one of them being the rise of European golf, as Lee Westwood, despite an injury, became the #1 player in the world. There have been some defections from the PGA TOUR back to the European side of the Atlantic, most notably Rory McIlroy, but one former #1 player in the world believes the game itself is the ultimate winner.

“I think it's great for golf, to tell you the truth,” remarked Greg Norman. “When I was overseas and all this was taking place with the change in the No. 1 player in the world and the Europeans winning the Ryder Cup, I thought, you know. This is just the shot in the arm that the game of golf needs,” he continued. “We got it with the selection of golf in the Olympics of 2016, but since then, since that announcement, the rest of the world has really kicked into gear, as far as I'm concerned, not only just from the professional standpoint, but from the growth and the development of the game of golf.”

Some may fear that American golf has slipped in 2010, but the Shark believes it’s simply a case of the ebbs and flow that occur over time. “I can only make a comparison from what I see that has happened in tennis. American tennis went through the heights of the Samprases and the Agassis and the Jim Couriers and those guys just dominating American tennis for a while. And then it shifted away,” he explained. “So the pendulum certainly has shifted back to the game of tennis, and now tennis is a more popular game in America for the number of players than there is golfers.”

Norman believes the worldwide game for golf also benefits the domestic scene. “Corporations on a global basis are going to have an incredible basket of talent to pick from for their golf tournaments all over the world. I think it's great for American golf, too, because it's going to stimulate it. I think it's great for the game of golf.”

If you subscribe to theory that history repeats itself and Norman is one of those who does, than the future appears bright. “If you go back over history, it's interesting. I did and it's almost like a 15-year time span. I know from Nicklaus and Watson, Watson to Ballesteros and Norman, and then, you know, Norman into the Woods deal, it's almost like a 15-year cycle,” he began. “It's actually incredible how it's consistently been done. That's got a lot to do with the age of the player, too. When you are dominating the game, people do feel like we're playing for second most weeks. The younger players who are 15, 16, 17, admire this person who is dominating and want to emulate that person. So when they come out and they're ready to play, they come out with no fear,” he explained. “But that's 10 years down the line. So that individual now instead of being 25, 26, and 27 is 35, 36, and 37. So you see the older they get, the dominating players, the younger the other players get. So you can understand the cycle it goes through,” he continued. “I think that's why the game of golf is always going to do this. I think it's fantastic.”

Lately golf has been talking up the Pacific Rim region for growth possibilities, especially in the equipment sector. To date, while it’s still very early, its unknown to what extent the game may or may not be embraced by the masses. Norman believes it’s a case of when not if it happens. “When I was in China not too long ago, I was asked to make a speech, by the Central Government, to the Tourism and Golf Forum in China. The minister before me said that they want 30 million golfers in China in the next years, and there's 3 million now. So when you think there are 24, 25 million golfers in the United States and it's been that number for decades and decades, imagine when China comes online in 20 years down the line. And then when China comes online, you've already got the Koreans doing extremely well. The development of the game of golf in Malaysia and Indonesia and Vietnam and Cambodia, to a degree, is just starting to skyrocket. And then you bring in India.

“So you got pretty much 50% of the world's population just starting to get into the game of golf. So when now you start looking out into the future, it's extremely healthy. It doesn't matter whether it's American-bases, Australian-based, or whoever the dominating player is, it's going to be shared around the world on a very, very regular basis going forward, I think,” he concluded.


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HOW’S BIZ? “On the business side, we had a very positive year, and I think over the last 18 months, we've made a lot of progress. Although we continue to be challenged by underlying economic indicators; a concern among business about the economic future. We still have signed a lot of business,” said PGA TOUR Commissioner, Tim Finchem.

“And then during the course of the year, we brought six new sponsors on the PGA TOUR level, and we had seven or eight renewals and another one or two to-be-announced renewals. We now have over 30 percent of PGA TOUR title sponsorships extended beyond 2012. And so we made solid progress.

“However, as we go into 2011 even though we have a very solid schedule of 45 events. We have all of our tournaments funded. We still have a couple of title sponsor vacancies that we would like to fill as we go through 2011, the Bob Hope and The Heritage. The Reno event doesn't have a title sponsor, but it really never has, and it works well, so we are not overly concerned about that from a long-term stability standpoint. So we feel like we had a good year. We are very pleased with our progress the last 18 months, and we look forward to a very good, solid schedule in 2011.”

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT? Former world #1 player, David Duval has found a new sponsor. Perky Jerky, self proclaimed as the ultra-premium jerky and flavored with a hint of guarana has reached a deal to have Duval promoting its product. As the story goes, four years ago during a ski lift calamity, Perky Jerky’s founders spilled energy drink all over their stash of beef jerky. Stranded, hungry and 40-feet off the ground, they ate the soaked jerky and realized they were on to something. Three years in the kitchen and hundreds of homemade jerky recipes later, Perky Jerky was perfected and launched in 2009. In just one year, Perky Jerky has quickly reached stratospheric levels of popularity amongst athletes, moms, students, troops and truckers alike. Recently, Perky Jerky was awarded five out of five stars from superstar chef Tom Colicchio and Maxim magazine.

“Perky Jerky has quickly become one of the most popular snacks amongst the worlds best athletes because of its high-protein, low-carb count and excellent taste,” said Brian Levin, founder of Perky Jerky. “We’re looking forward to partnering with David in his quest to re-gain his world number one status and adding more major championships to his already impressive golf resume.”

“I’m proud to be the newest member on the Perky Jerky team and I’m looking forward to being involved with the snack everyone is raving about on the PGA tour,” said David Duval

CALLAWAY GETS INTO RETAIL: Callaway will open exclusive stores to feature its products in India. Currently, its products are sold at around 40 multi-brand stores across the country. "The plan is to open first pilot store in India by March next year and expand further depending on the market demand," said Callaway Country Head (India) Vivek Mehta. "We have launched the Razr range here, ahead of the launch in the US, Europe and Japan. Similarly, the premium range of golf equipment called Legacy that is sold in only Japan, Korea and China has also been introduced to India," he added. READ MORE>>>


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